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Happy Val Day 2016


Happy Val Day 2016 - the newest design study in subjects Love . Set your phone this beautiful screensaver.Sometimes you look at a person, and in my head ticker thought: "How I love you" ...Love - its a game. Who first said, "I love you", and he lost ...Happy Val Day 2016 - this is a cool animated live wallpaper with realistic spectacular effects. Augmented free version.============How to install Happy Val Day 2016.- Download live wallpaper Happy Val Day 2016.- Find in the program menu icon of the application, activate the wallpaper.On the order of application Happy Val Day 2016 the user can be found using the demo video.=======The application included the effect of "wandering lights" - when moving a finger across the screen followed by a group of sparks. The first time the effect has a maximum saturation.Live Wallpaper may fail to work when placing in the maximum value for the animation.Double touch the screen contains the settings menu. Disabling the call by double-tapping the settings in the main settings.HD quality images are selected in accordance with the subject application - Love.The background to the application can be moved when scrolling.Live Wallpaper Happy Val Day 2016 contain small additional images, animations - sparks, fireflies, stars. In the configuration, users can configure the number of animations.This version provides the possibility of including the topic of sound Love - finger-touch center of the stage.Let us know in the mail about your wishes and concerns for installing and using the application. The application content with advertising.